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Innovative Dutch

Innovative Dutch is the brand under which the serious games I have created are produced. The award-winning games have been played at top-level institutes worldwide.

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At Innographics you’ll find blog posts with detailed infographics on the topic of innovation, entrepreneurship and management free to download.

Go to is a co-creation platform co-founded by prof. dr. Vareska van de Vrande, dr. Maurice de Rochemont and myself about Open Innovation

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Business Innovation

Business Innovation is a highly successful field of study at Avans University of Applied Sciences. As of 2010 I’m a lecturer on innovation management and entrepreneurship.

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In 2015, I gave a TEDx-talk about “7 billion universities” – a concept that introduces just-in-time and just-for-you education with a gamified aspect.

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Through Google Scholar you’ll find my publications about i.e. entrepreneurship and open innovation and you’ll see intermediary publication of my PhD.

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Helping professionals to excel in innovation

In 2010 i started my own practice focusing on the topics innovation and education.

As a alumni of Eindhoven University of Technology I've been working in different roles in Industry, Research and Government. In 2010 I started lecturing in Higher Education. I was Director of Education at one of the fastest-growing schools of innovation in Europe.

In 2012 I started a company, Innovative Dutch, creating simulation games for higher and professional education. In 2015, I started with and gave a TEDx-talk titled '7 billion universities'.

You can book me for keynotes, in-depth trainings and as an expert on organization design, education and accreditation in the innovation domain.

  • Innovative Dutch - serious games for serious professionals

  • topics: innovation management, entrepreneurship, open innovation.

  • topics: future of learning, ecosystems, wicked problems and innovation.

  • as a freelance auditor, panel member for NQA and consultancy with regard to accreditations.

Who am I?

Jan Spruijt

Ondernemer – Docent
Deze foto is genomen tijdens het NRC-congres De Toekomst van Leren, waar ik een keynote heb gegeven over vernieuwing in het onderwijssysteem.
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